Video production in the context of the marketing strategy


The relevance and usefulness of video advertising in the definition of marketing strategies.

It is undeniable the role that advertising so-called traditional plays, through tv commercials, which, besides reach a large number of consumers, are still a feature reliable and generator of return on investment. However, with the advent of the internet and thanks to the evolution of new communication technologies, it is possible to create video advertising for other channels and vehicles that do not the television. The websites that allow the sharing of videos, such as the Youtube or the Vimeo, have a great importance in the growing trend of this type of advertising.

Youtube is currently one of the most visited sites in the world, according to Alexa, a gauge of visits of web sites. This is a perfect platform with regard to online advertising. It is common to view certain videos on Youtube – especially the ones that have the most visits – see inserted, at the beginning of these small videos, advertising, short duration (between 30 seconds to 1 minute).

These video commercials are quite effective, once they have a short duration, and “force” viewers to see advertising, before you watch the video that they want to see. According to a study done by VINDICO, an organization dedicated, among other activities, the analysis of the success of digital marketing campaigns, particularly with regard to videos advertising, showed that 76% of viewers of videos online advertising come-on to the end.

The main advantage of these videos advertising, disseminated on the Web, and that can be seen at any time and in any location, it is that are broadcast costs much lower than those on television advertising traditional.

The trend is that the videos are advertising to gain each time more relevance in the marketing strategies undertaken by the companies. Not only the online advertising has generated progressively more return on investment, but also increasingly deals with the public. The fact that we spend more and more time connected to the Web, it makes online advertising to reach even more people. In addition, video advertising they have the great advantage that they can be shared very easily , which causes them to be quickly propagated and become viral.

See our portfolio of video, where you can find many examples of videos produced by the regime design agency and branding.


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