• Advertising campaign Grupótico


Advertising campaign Grupótico

Here's the project

The Grupótico, the 1st group of optical in Portugal, founded in 1986, selected the Designarte™ with a view to the elaboration of a communication strategy having as main support an advertising spot with institutional character.
With the aim of boosting brand awareness, a concept developed appeals to humor as a way to create some “empathy” with the market and their customers, and at the same time take advantage of the potential effect of the viral internet.

The principal means of dissemination will therefore be through the internet, mainly through social networks, and after the first week of release on youtube, the spot already had more than 1000 graphical.
The spot will also be displayed on TV indoor shops Grupótico, as well as made available on the website and propagated in the email signatures of all employees of the group.


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