• Design and video production Douro Marina


Design and video production Douro Marina

Here's the project

The DesignarteTM/Blackinwhite was the agency chosen to make a film for the Company's Communicators and the Associated - Communication and Branding promotional of the Event Rooms in the new Marina of Gaia.

In the sequence of the activities that were planned in the communication plan, the DesignarteTM/Blackinwhite developed this work in close collaboration with the Communicators and the Associated.

The DesignarteTM is an agency with strong skills and experience in video production. Our agency has a team that works board for many years and with great know-how in developing interactive content and dynamic.

We also have another area in which we see ourselves as a digital marketing agency, area this in that we have a team of web designers who also work in a team for a long time, for whom the creation of websites and the web design are also your passion!


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