• Video production Sanut


Video production Sanut

Here's the project

The Designarte™ has created the video product to the Medpoint. This technology company stands for the development of specific software for professionals, in particular the application Sanut, software supporting the nutrition, created thinking about the specific needs of nutritionists.
It was thus conceived as a concept, direct, simple, and very clear with a view to the promotion and dissemination of the values, services and vision of the company among potential customers.

In addition to our skills in video production, the Designarte™ sees itself as an agency of graphic design with strong skills in branding, creating names, corporate identity, editorial design and graphic design in general. Our agency has a team of designers who work together for many years and with a lot of skills in developing corporate image and make logos for companies.

We have in parallel another area in which we see ourselves as a digital marketing agency, area this in that we have a team of web designers who work together a long time ago, for whom the creation of websites and web design are your day-to-day.


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