• Creation of logo ABC Braga
  • Creation of logo ABC Braga


Creation of logo ABC Braga

The Designarte™ was the agency chosen to develop the new corporate identity / logo of the ABC Braga. Despite the logo having been completely renovated, the new image was based on the history of the club and in its first symbol. Thus, the new logo maintains the twelve towers, which represent the fortified city of Braga, and in the bottom center of the ring has a cross cardinal that refers to the invocation of the city's archiepiscopal city, establishing a strong connection between the club and the district.
The main objective of the restyling of the logo was ”the need to impart modernity and pioneering spirit of a Club like the ABC, through a symbolism that convey a clear message and objective of what the Club plans for the future: Continue its history full of successes, anticipating the future with motivation and optimism. It is in fact a circle if you want to maintain and increase...the union, the strength, the greatness of a Club only represented in a single symbol”, as referred to in Luís Teles, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ABC.


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