Video production Credit Agricultural

The Designarte™ has developed the design and production video for the new Campaign of Caixa de Crédito Agrícola. Our agency was responsible for the communication strategy of this TV channel to the counters of the Bank.

Advertising campaign Grupótico

The Grupótico you have selected the Designarte™ with a view to drawing up an advertising campaign based on a communication strategy integrated and that had as its main support an advertising spot.

Video production Câmara Municipal de Gaia

The DesignarteTM/BlackinWhite developed for the town Hall of Gaia in the design and production video which had as objective to divulge and promote the extension of the Cais de Quebrantões, that is, the future of the escarpment of Gaia.

Video production Colored Lines

The DesignarteTM/BlackinWhite have developed a small film about the work developed by the Company "Colored Lines" - Invitations, Wedding Invitations Birthday Invitations Christening, Vinyl records, among other things.

Video production e-body

Following a study of branding, the DesignarteTM/BlackinWhite developed the Video signature Branding, And Body-to platform for web, movies and other media (Social Networks , Channels Video).

Design and video production Yazaki

The Designarte™ won the international competition for the development of the Communication Plan of the Department of Environment, Health and Safety of Yazaki Europe, the world's largest producer of wiring harnesses.

Design and video production Novartis

The DesignarteTM/Blackinwhite was selected for the development of a film designed for health professionals to alert you to a correct assessment of the feet of potential diabetic patients.

Video production Sanut

The Designarte™ has created the design and video production of product to the Medpoint. This technology company stands for the development of specific software for professionals, in particular the application Sanut.

Christmas campaign Toyota

The Designarte™ has developed the Newsletter for promotional Christmas Toyota. This Holiday season, Toyota intended to pass the message of optimism and good energies, with some events of the Brand.

Design and video production Douro Marina

The DesignarteTM/Blackinwhite was selected for the development of a film for the Company's Communicators and the Associated - Communication and Branding promotional of the Event Rooms in the new Marina of Gaia.

Video production 3D Warehouse

The Designarte™ has developed a communication strategy that culminated in the creation and production of 3D video for a real estate project of a large-scale promoted by the Warehouse.

Advertising campaign Agricultural Credit

As a continuity, and in light of the latest advertising campaigns, the Designarte™ has developed a communication strategy for the campaign Platform TV Indoor Box Agricultural Credit.

Design and video production Telhabel

The Designarte™ was the agency responsible for the design and production of the video in the institutional Telhabel, company dedicated to the works of great dimension, among which the construction of bridges, ships and industrial warehouses.

Design and video production Designarte

The DesignarteTM made the design and production of internal video to be humorous in the wake of the strong dissemination media for the campaign of 50% discount of Pingo Doce.

Campaign monthly AKI - Balconies

The Designarte™ was the agency responsible for communication strategy, design and web design campaigns monthly in AKI, in this case for the area of Decoration, in particular the decoration of Balconies.

Design and video production Profato

The group Supercorte / Profato selected the Designarte™ in the sense of developing the design and video production; institutional promotion and publicity for the group together with its customers and other entities.

Animation and webdesign Multicalor

The intention with this interface Multicalor make use of the same for both ? as for the CD-Rom. Graphic Design with movement and dynamism was the axis of communication in which the Designarte™ focused.

Animation and web design Opium

With a character unapologetically creative and radical, without, however, losing the posture-building, Designarte™ has developed the new web design of the company Opium, following the guidelines demanding customer.

Campaign monthly AKI - Garden

The Designarte™ has developed more campaign monthly, in this case, the web design and interface for the new Range Garden launched by the AKI, with the clear aim of proposing suggestions and advice in terms of decoration and construction.

Design CD Metropolitan Area Porto

The Designarte™ has developed the graphic design and production of CD animated for the Metropolitan Area of Porto. Sobriety, institutional character and distinction were the guidelines of design that the Designarte™ followed.

Webdesign Legend Exclusives

The Designarte™ designed and developed the new corporate identity, advertising campaign and web design of a site for the company Legend Exclusives. Coherence, consistency and integration of the communication was our main goal.