• Site creation PortusPark
  • Site creation PortusPark
  • Site creation PortusPark


Site creation PortusPark


Creation of the website of the PortusPark, Network of Science and Technology Parks and business Incubators in the Northern Region. This prestigious Network, which brings together a number of Technological Institutions with the strategic objective and common vision, wanted a website with dynamic design and content management, component promotional without, however, losing the posture of institutional and accuracy that characterizes the mission and objectives of the PortusPark.

To make site creation and this whole area of web design is to the DesignarteTM very important. Being we are a digital marketing agency with a specific area of web design, our design agency is always on hand for all types of projects. The PortusPark called us to redesign the website and develop a digital marketing strategy and web design that would allow a renewed and refreshed presence on the internet. This project of webdesign and creation of the website was developed in close coordination between our team of web designers and PortusPark.


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