• Creation site RAR Sugar
  • Creation site RAR Sugar
  • Creation site RAR Sugar


Creation site RAR Sugar


The new web design of the site, RAR Açúcar was developed out of a need that RAR has found to promote the Brand and its products. As this is a website essentially devoted to the product line RAR differentiates quite a lot of the web institutional site of the Group. It was intended that this space to convey an active lifestyle and balanced, as well as appreciation of the quality of the products RAR.

A novelty of the new webdesign of the site is the fact that this provide dozens of recipes for sweets, national and international, for online consultation, which may be the survey of the same made by “recipe” or by “type of sugar”. Referring to the docerar.en, the consumer may keep informed about all the releases, and products, RAR Açúcar, contests, and promotions sponsored by the Brand.

The user will still find a range of information ranging from the history of sugar and its applications to the explanation of that is sugar. In parallel, to navigate in the webdesign of this site, still has at its disposal an area for information and clarifications on issues current and relevant with the sugar, such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, among others.


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