• Creation of logo and branding Bowbastic


Creation of logo and branding Bowbastic

The Designarte™ was intended to, with the brand Bowbastic, to achieve a graphic design fantastic and surprise the client, the fact that he got in full. Make a logo with this level of responsibility, solidifies the Designarte™ in a company for graphic design excellence. The design concept developed around the creation of the brand Bowbastic conveys a corporate image of modern design and at the same time a "vintage".

The name we developed, it binds directly to the business - bow + fantastic - and makes an allusion directly to the word Bombastic. To create the slogan "wow. Fantastic big bow" was intended to reinforce the concept of branding, as well as the association "the original" in the logo, positioned the brand as a leader, helping to protect the brand against copies.



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