• Site creation PTCrin


Site creation PTCrin


The creation of the site of the PTCrin, infra-structure dedicated to the promotion of national and international cooperation in clinical research. This network, which brings together a number of Institutions with strategic objectives and common vision, wanted a website with simple design and with the possibility of integrated management of content, without, however, losing the posture of institutional and accuracy that characterizes the mission and objectives of the PTCrin.

Do creating web sites , and this activity of web design is to the DesignarteTM very stimulating. Being we are a design agency and digital marketing with a specific area of web design, our agency is always prepared to face all kind of web projects. The PTCrin consulted with us to create the site and develop a digital marketing strategy that resulted in a renewed presence on the internet. This project of creation of the website was developed in close collaboration between our web team and the PTCrin.


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