• Creation of logo and branding Isma


Creation of logo and branding Isma

The Designarte™ has created a new name for the Ismael Antunes de Sousa, Lda. The new name Isma is much more commercial, associates it directly with the name by which clients refer to the company - Ishmael - and has the characteristics that a good name should be short, direct, with good sound and easy to understand.

The job of Naming / Branding was combined with the development of signatures to the Isma and the Tubival (group company), having the Designarte™ designed the new logos and symbols from a combined way, so that the coherence of identity between the two companies was total.

Also was created a symbol of institutional Ismael Antunes de Sousa, Lda. - since 1982, which is present in the footer in the graphic lines Isma and Tubival, helping to give teeth to the set, as well as the companies separately, highlighting at the same time the know-how of the company - 25 years.


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