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Designarte. We are a Design company in Porto for 17 years helps Portuguese SMES to build in the market a strong, coherent, consistent, and that transmits confidence. We are experts in Branding, Design, Naming, and Visual Communication!

Created in 2000, the DesignarteTM - Brand Activation is an Agency for Brand-oriented for Portuguese SMES who designs, creates, and implements communication integrated solutions that aim to boost sales and awareness of your company image. The goal is always to build a strong image, which manages the trust, that convey credibility, consistency and solidity to your client. For this, the way your company communicates with the market and the means you use must be effective and well framed with your target audience.

In DesignarteTM, we believe that the strategic planning of the company's communication should be centered on the Brand, in its management and dynamization. For this it is essential to integrate effectively all the activities of the communication (in 2 dimensions, design, and web design), ensuring, in this way, unity and coherence in the image, as well as continuity and consistency in corporate communications.



The mission of the DesignarteTM is to help companies communicate effectively with their audiences and build an overall, coherent and homogeneous, that will bring them benefits in terms of credibility, loyalty and recognition.



The Project DesignarteTM is based on a set of values that unite all those who are involved. We run our business assuming a permanent attitude of marketing, and that gives us a strong orientation to the client and to the demands of the market (in 2 areas, design and web design)


in people;
in respect for ourselves and for others;
on professionalism;
in the availability to resolve the issues;
in positive thinking;
in a spirit of open, critical and pro-active;
in the simplicity.



The DesignarteTM has been selecting over the years a network of partners, with whom it has developed working methods based on quality of services and accuracy of the commitments established.

These are strategic partners that are highly specialized, that will ensure some complementary services that are relevant, creating an added value for the client DesignarteTM, both in terms of price/quality ratio, whether in terms of the effectiveness of the communication strategy in the course (ex: graphic print and digital, pr, advertising, direct marketing, among others).

These are some of our partners, carefully selected to ensure a high overall level of service.



The Designarte™ is characterized by being a company with a strong customer orientation, with high availability, flexibility and transparency.

The services provided by DesignarteTM are supported by operating procedures that ensure a good performance in terms of quality, speed and efficiency. These services are structured in the following areas:


Branding & Corporate Identity

Naming / Branding / Corporate Identity


Webdesign & Digital Marketing

Websites / Portals / online Shops (E-commerce) / mobile Applications / Adwords Campaigns / SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Editorial & Promotional Design

Editorial Design and Promotional / Brochures / Catalogs / Newsletters / Campaigns / Communication Strategies / Packaging / Labels / Stands


Video & Motion Design

Multimedia presentations / corporate Videos, Promotional and Viral


Gifts & Printing

Merchandising and Graphic Printing


We are pragmatic, assertive, and effective.

We are passionate about what we do!


Founding partner and Director General

Licensed in Design and Visual Communication, POSTGRADUATE / Post-Graduate in Marketing, Ipam / Program Marketing Executive, AEP / Specialist in Google AdWords, WebGlocal.



Senior Designer / Project Manager

Licensed in Communication Design, ESAD.



Consultant Web Marketing

Frequency in BSc Computing and Information / Systems, London Metropolitan University.


Director of Marketing and Communication

Master's degree in Communication Sciences, Univ. Boston - USA / Specialization in Marketing Communication / Advertising, Univ. Boston - USA / degree in Chemical Engineering, FEUP / Specialization in Informatics, FEUP



Commercial Director

A degree in Business Management / Certified Google Qualified Professional / degree in eMarketing the eMarketing Association / Member of SEMPO-Partner / founder of Search Marketing



Franchising is a formula for business success, based on a partnership

between the two entities legally and financially distinct and independent.

It was with this spirit and responsibility that the Designarte, at the end of 15 years of activity, has embarked on its expansion into franchising.


In this system, properly tested, the Franchisor grants the right to use the brand, provides initial training and ongoing support, a management model that is proven and still ensures a centralized way certain design services, so as to ensure the uniformity of supply at the national level.
The Franchisee Designarte can develop the business from home, without the need to store, and thus benefit from a profitable business, in a sector in continuous growth: companies increasingly need services of marketing and communication.


The Designarte offers now the possibility to be a franchisee, with full autonomy, a brand credible and experienced, in a sector that will continue to grow in the coming times.

"The brand is credible, with procedures proven

"The Sector of the future and on growth

"Experience and know-how of the Franchisor

"No need to shop

"Territorial exclusivity

"Initial training

"Ongoing support with centralized services design

"Rapid return on investment.



Designarte, Lda



Country of Origin


The beginning of Activity


Unício of the Franchise



Total Investment

8.500€ + IV

Rights of Entry




Rate Advertising


The duration of the contract

5 years



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