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“The Designarte: the partner marketing and communication, especially for SMES”

"The Designarte is a company with a profile very interesting, since it concentrates a set of marketing services and communication, geared especially for SMES. It has a light structure, prices and economic and response capacity is very appropriate for small business owners that cover different areas, from design to the press office, up to communication plans, among others.”

Paula Risky

Director at People, Brand & Communication at Toyota Caetano Portugal, and Vice-president of the League Queen Maria Pia

“The commercial relationship between the Medi and the Designarte already has approximately 10 years”

"The strong sense of partnership in this company, the efforts placed to achieve solutions and professionalism, made every challenge and opportunity in a competitive advantage for the Enor. These are the same characteristics that make us continue to count with the Designarte for the future.”

António Balsinha

The Director-General MEDI

“We have already created several brands and various marketing materials with the Designarte and the result has always been excellent”

"For many years, Designarte comes to the design and communication of both TSL Paints or various brands that helped us however to create. We are very pleased with the speed and efficiency with which they respond to the projects. With the trust that we have given are already familiar with our reality, this partnership will continue with certainty to be a success!”

Joana Silva

Responsible for the Technical Area, Management of Production and Quality of the TSL Portugal Paints

“High-efficiency, availability and capacity to resolve all the issues quickly is what for me characterizes the Designarte”

“Overall we are very satisfied with the services provided by Designarte in the context of the design of our catalogues. We emphasize the availability, efficiency and friendliness of the staff.”

António Garrido

Administrator LIFTECH S. A. (Efacec Group)

“The approach of the Designarte in the strategy of the rebranding of Carvalhelhos was highly effective and assertive”

"The Designarte managed, with the "rebranding" of the brand Carvalhelhos, the difficult made, within the reach of very few, join in the same tradition and novelty.”

Fernando Macedo

Director of Maintenance of the Water of Carvalhelhos

“Have shown an enormous spirit of collaboration and friendliness on the part of its officers and employees...”

“Our contacts with the Designarte have shown an enormous spirit of collaboration and friendliness on the part of its officers and employees. We believe that might extend to other fields in addition to the creation of the company website and the design and production of leaflets”.

José F. Falcão Carneiro

director of Wiese & Krohn

“The experiences that we had with the Designarte were very interesting”

"The experiences that we had with the Designarte were very interesting. What we wanted was to do something with accuracy and with effectiveness, ensuring, at the outset, the results. That's what happened. I point out, for example, the disclosure of the assignment of the European Quality in Rehabilitation, which was very well done, was a picture that went very well to the media and to the public. The message was well-spread, we learned that through a lot of feedback from people and institutions that are expressed in a manner a lot of positive about this fact. Our main aim was that the entities and the public in general were informed that the Centre had been awarded with the EQRM, and this actually happened. It was a successful experience.”

Jerónimo de Sousa

The Director of the Centre of Professional Rehabilitation of Gaia

"A company with a service of excellence with a team that is very experienced and professional"

"With the beginning of a new project, we needed a company that could understand our concept and create a new corporate identity communication that would meet our expectations and that of our stakeholders. The Designarte was the partner that we chose, and a bet wins, the highlight being their Professionalism and the excellent Service it provides, and is always available for all the required requests."

Rui Furtado

Partner at Bestheorema Consulting, Lda

"Mon conseil est d'être toujours aussi simple et professionnel"

"Félicitations pour l excellent travail! Je n'ai never have I de doutes, from du moment où j'ai vu votre travail. Mon choix par votre société a été par la simplicité, la précision et le professionnalisme. Je suis très heureux d'avoir choisi votre entreprise de faire un partenariat avec la Fédération. Aujourd'hui, je n'ai aucun doute que j'ai choisi la meilleure entreprise au Portugal. De tous les logos de ce sport sans doute que le nôtre est le plus élégant, chic, simple, et dirigé, qui transmet un message de mouvement, de curiosité et d attente."

Jorge Alves

Président de la Fédération of Futvolei portugais

"The Designarte is a company flexible and dynamic."

"The Designarte adopts a policy of great guidance to the client, great understanding of their difficulties and this is also a competitive advantage. Not always we work with the timings ideal, and with the best budgets. As customers we know it and therefore pleases us to find a vendor that presents itself as a true partner always concerned to overcome in the best way the obstacles that arise."

Maria de Lurdes Sarmento

Director, Office of Communication and Image of the AEP

“For some reason we work with the Designarte...”

“The BioGlobal contacted over the last few years with some communication companies having used the service a few of them. For some reason we work currently with the Designarte...”

Miguel Matos

Managing Director of Bioglobal

"The result instant!... and the logo is the same what I wanted"

"It was a pleasure to give you this work, because the result was instantaneous, the logo is for even pages, and the result was excellent. I would like to be able to count on you for other work. I was impressed by the positive with the work you carried out and I would like to thank the designer that came up with the work. the and continue with this quality."

Rui Nobre

Administrator Klube Klippe

"The Designarte comes at a crucial time for the Netvoice."

"We had as objective to do a facelift of our picture, looking for a greater articulation between modernity and seriousness, having as deep cloth of our positioning and the center of our business is the relationship with customers. In this context the Designarte® presented a full proposal that included the renewal of the graphic image, the construction of our website, signing and communication, which fits perfectly into the marketing strategy of Netvoice. The pair of the proposal, the level of prices charged and the readiness in the execution of the work, make the Designarte® a true partner with which we have to achieve the success we want."

Louis Affection

administrator of Netvoice

"With the Designarte, get it right the first time!..."

"The Designarte played a key role in the creation and development of the site of the Club, Breitling, respecting the identity desired, consistent with the image of the Breitling. Was the professionalism of the Designarte that allowed us to "get it right the first time" and engage the starter motor Club Breitling."

Goreti Saints

director of Diamantouro and responsible for Club Breitling Portugal

"Now, I feel the return on the concerted actions of Communication..."

"The intervention that the Designarte had on all levels of Communication from our Group led to an increase of the notoriety of brands... and also from the sales. The combined actions of Design, Communication, Advertising, Press relations have been very effective and decisive to achieve the objectives that we have set."

Vitor Gomes

general manager of chain restaurants, Big Bobs, Pizza+ and Fe Grill

"Bulletin of the Cabelte renewed."

"The new graphic design was developed by Designarte revolutionized the image of our Newsletter Telecomunicar, making it an important disclosure document for the business with our customers and prescribers of our products."

Peter Rabbit

responsible of marketing of the Cabelte

"Already rentabilizamos largely the investment made!"

"The new image of the NJ-Consultants projected the company to new prospects and further consolidated the relations with new strategic partners. The business generated by the promotional actions that we have already paid out there is a lot of investment, not to mention the recognition and the credibility that the new image enhanced."

Nuno Mendonça

General manager NJ-Consultants

"Mascot reinforces the image of the Galileu.com"

"I threw the challenge to the Designarte create the mascot Galileu.com and the result is in sight. People liked immense to him, and the Designarte decided to insert it in your Comic."

Miguel Marques

the portal administrator Galileu.com

"A strong image that will meet what our customers expect of us."

"With the help of Designarte, the Drop give you communicate with your customers in a clear, transparent and pure, as is our product. Our brand conveys our culture, our spirit, and therefore it is fundamental to our strategy."

Miguel Maia

Directorate general Drop give

"Positive reactions to the new image New song."

"The image of our company and of our brand, Designarte conceived caused a great reaction of our customers and employees, having been this reaction more visible as soon as we have restructured our site, and we apply it to our fleet."

Clara Vieira

the general manager of the New song

"We know the Designarte on the internet and imagine just what it could do for our store."

"I knew the Designarte by your website on the internet, and the 500 Km of distance not scared me. I liked the company, believed in their abilities and I ordered by phone a Pack of the New Company."

Francisco Mata

managing partner Secrets of Wine

"Success in the partnership between the Designarte® and the PyMarket."

"It is important that we offer on portal of PyMarket services that are effectively complementary to the principal activity of a company.The Designarte is dedicated to the provision of this service via the internet. The information is clear and objective, which it offers to the customers is a clear sign of its vocation for the business online."

Paulo Martins

Country Manager PyMarket



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