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"(...) The MVP Gin you want to bet on the markets "premium" and export "the flavor of the region to the world" with the Gotik, that asserts itself as "the first gin of Ribatejo". The distillery of the author told with the Designarte – Brand Activation for the development of their identity and logo. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: Jul 2017 :: see here article

"(...) The field work undertaken within the Designarte (which develops from the year 2000 as complete solutions for the naming, branding, communication design and webdesign, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises) was crossed with the theories and models commonly accepted, which enabled us to reach several conclusions. And the main stresses that, in fact, currently, the "type of evaluation system/reward will have less preponderance in the results of the climate the motivational company and the communication throughout the structure". That is, the motivation "is only partially spurred by rewards, the challenges, the relationships in the company or individual objectives "aspects even more decisive in productive capacity." (...) "

(excerpt) In See Portugal :: Mar 2017 :: see here article

"(...) The Designarte – Brand Activation is, since 2000, an agency for brands with a strong guidance for Portuguese SMES. He has worked for more than 1,200 companies and won more than 40 awards and competitions, in the projection and creation of complete and integrated solutions of communication (naming, branding, design and webdesign), with a much stronger focus on the credibility, consistency and strength of clients, towards a growing notoriety. (...) "

(excerpt) In See Portugal :: Mar 2017 :: see here article

"(...) Not have the business, whatever it may be, "digitized", today it is almost the equivalent to not exists", sets out the director-general of the Designarte. And adds: "we Feel that our SMES are gradually adhere to the peculiarities of this new way of being and in business, but, on the ground, we also have the perception that there are many more that have yet to "take the leap", because they produce quality and have more market than you think, which can be facilitated with a digital strategy".There are a few "valiant years ago, the economic agents of our Country reflected on the design as a fundamental factor of competitiveness and, today, we know even how to quantify this importance." Paul Taveira refers to the recent study by the Design Council in the Uk, which concludes that a euro invested in design can mean more four euros in operating results, five euros in exports and more than 20 euro in the overall volume of business of the company. (...) "

(excerpt) In AICEP News :: Mar 2017 :: see here article

"Yazaki Europe, a company producing wire harnesses, has selected the Designarte™ in the wake of an international tender for the development of the strategic communication plan of the department of Environment, Health and Safety of the brand. The agency of design and communication with headquarters in Matosinhos won this account, "a competition that involved many communication agencies european" (...) "

(excerpt) In Media & Pub. :: Nov 2012 :: see here article

In Briefing :: October 2012 :: see here article

In Economic Life:: October 2012 :: see here article

"(...) The Designarte positions itself as an Agency for Brands (Branding), oriented for Portuguese SMES, which designs, creates and implements integrated solutions of communication that aim to boost sales and the notoriety of the image of Portuguese companies. The aim is always to build a strong image, which manages the trust, that convey credibility, consistency and solidity to the customer. For this, the way the client communicates with the market and the media that you use, you have to be effective and well framed with your target audience (...) "

(excerpt) In the Directory of the Companies of the Region of Aveiro :: 2013 :: see here article

Article published in the Magazine Marketeer
Author: Paulo Taveira

"(...) Due to the evolution of the web and above all to the way in which it is used, the communication went on to be in real time, and consumers are going to be in direct range of the owner, without the existence of any intermediary in this process (...) "

(excerpt) In-Marketeer :: Nov 2012 :: see here article

"Communicate now and pay later – this is the proposal of the Designarte™ thanks to the partnership with Grenke, a German company specialized in the renting business and financial solutions, with a view of the Portuguese SMES. The Briefing was to talk with Paul Taveira, director general of the Designarte to learn more about this new regime of communication.
(...) "This solution allows the client to take advantage of the return that it can generate the investment in terms of sales, while pay for the service in diluted form. (...) but note that this is not a loan, therefore does not enter the passive banking, is a service of renting." (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: June 2012 :: see here article

In Media & Pub. :: June 2012 :: see here article

"The Designarte™, agency brands, has won the tender for the creation and production of calendars and schedules Agros, which will be distributed and made available to all the cooperatives and associated companies. Of the various design details of the content, stands out the fact that you mentioned a business unit for each month of the year, in order to cover all areas of the universe of the insignia. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: November 2011 :: see here article

In Media & Pub. :: November 2011 :: see here article

"The Designarte™ was the agency selected, following a competition, to ensure the development of the new website of the Grupótico. The brand has 45 optical in the domestic market and, “taking into account the planned expansion at the national level, the need arose to create a new website which is fully adapted to the new needs of the market. "

In Media & Pub. :: September 2011 :: see here article

"After the bet in the department of communication management in social networks, the Designarte™ announced now the creation of skills, within this department, to launch in the area of solutions audiovisual for SMES. The agency extends its area of multimedia/motion design to the production of corporate videos, product, viral or other” for “placement in social networks by taking advantage of the effect viral in this way, the display on the LCD in the reception of companies or in the stands of fairs and placement on the website of the companies. "

(excerpt) In Media & Pub. :: March 2011 :: see here article

In Briefing:: March 2011 :: see here article

"La Designarte™ a été, une fois de plus, élus pour créer la nouvelle ligne graphique de Amorim Cork Composites. Le maintien d'un lien avec la ligne précédente, l'agence créative marques a été recherchée, cependant, that the cell représenterait, en parallèle, les valeurs définies et le pari de la société. (...) En dehors de la ligne graphique the également été élaboré peu plus matériel de marketing pour usage interne et externe de l'entreprise. "

(extrait) Dans le Briefing :: février 2011 :: voir ici l'article

Dans Les Medium Et Pub. :: Février 2011 :: voir ici l'article

"The Designarte™ is now the agency responsible for the continuing development of the line of packaging of own-brand products of MaxMat.
On the basis of this connection between the Designarte™ and the MaxMat are the clear objectives that the brand of products of diy you want, and the know-how of the agency in similar projects carried out previously. "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: February 2011 :: see here article

In Media & Pub :: February 2011 :: see here article

"The brand identity for the new methodology of investment analysis, based on "benefits realisation", the University of Salford in Manchester, United Kingdom, was developed by the Portuguese Designarte™. Create a consistent image, adapted to the universe of intervention and a market of extended application in the United Kingdom, but also including a pilot project in Portugal, was the challenge of the agency. It was thus presented a concept of communication "coherent, consistent and of the accuracy but with the graphics and choice of colors representative of the innovation of this new methodological approach," says the company in a statement. It was also envisaged the development of other marketing materials, such as brochures and ads. "

(excerpt) In-Marketeer :: January 2011 :: see here article

"The Designarte™ was responsible for creating the brand identity for a new methodology of investment analysis released by the University of Salford in Manchester, Uk. The objective of the agency has spent for the creation of the image of this methodology to the uk market, which already includes a pilot project in Portugal. For short, the project will cover the design of other media of communication such as brochures, ads, among others. "

In Media & Pub. :: January 2011 :: see here article

In Briefing :: January 2011 :: see here article


"The Designarte™ has developed the Newsletter for promotional Christmas Toyota. Focused on the christmas season, the brand wanted to convey the message of optimism and good energies, with some events of the Toyota, at the same time that he desired the good parties.
With a large stake in the graphics and animations in Flash technology, the newsletter has been developed to reflect the christmas spirit at the same time that contained a positive message for 2011. "

In Briefing :: January 2011 :: see here article

"The associated AEP will have the services of Designarte™, in the area of design and communication for companies, with special conditions.
This protocol between the Designarte™ - Brand Activation, and the Business Association of Portugal (AEP) is the result of the partnerships that the AEP has been negotiating with several entities in all sectors of activity, in the framework of the Program the AEP Options. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: October 2010 :: see here article

In Media & Advertising :: October 2010 :: see here article


"For the creation and launch of the new brand TekGreen, the Amorim group has hired Designarte™. The agency was responsible for the development of naming, branding and related promotional materials for the new brand, which is the “commitment of the Amorim group to strengthen components of the green and technology of its products and services, as well as the creation of practice and internal procedures aimed at improving the sustainability of the company and their action in the environment”, explained in a statement. "

In Media & Advertising :: September 2010 :: see here article

"The Designarte™, a technological partnership with Redicom, was the agency responsible for the development of three sites of the group Jap, representative in Portugal of the brands Renault, Nissan and BMW. The work of the agency included the general site of the group itself, as well as the websites of the brands Renault and Nissan. "

In Media & Advertising :: June 2010 :: see here article

"The CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research selected the Designarte™ for the development of its new corporate image.
According to Paul Taveira, director-general of the agency, "this achievement was very important given the CIIMAR be a reputable association dedicated to research, dissemination and technology transfer in the area of Marine and Environmental Sciences"
According to Designarte™, the main message that we intended to pass with the new image of the Ciimar was the concept of networking, sharing of experiences, knowledge, and interconnection of processes and people, while also have an immediate association with the sea.
"Having regard to the character of sober, scientific, and high tech, inherent, has developed an image matching and identifying of the values and mission of this organization, and therefore your graphics based on geometric shapes that convey the accuracy and 'scientific process', complete the agency."

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: September 2010 :: see here article

In Media & Pub. :: September 2010 :: see here article


"The Regulator of Social Communication (ERC) has just select the Designarte™ for the development of the new image to the PER – Platform of the Regulators of Social Communication in the Countries and Territories of Portuguese Language.
In revealing the importance of the platform, the agency reminded in a statement that the entity stands out, in addition to the associations direct to the component, the communication, the identity stands out, “also by the aspect of interconnectedness and variety of the various cultures lusophone”. A diversity that, according to the Designarte™ is now represented by the symbols and colors of the new logo of the brand. "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: May 2010 :: see here article

In Media & Advertising :: May 2011 :: see here article


"The Designarte™ was the agency chosen by the Watchplanet to manage, in an integrated way, maquetização, printing and distribution of promotional materials for the sales points of the brands it represents. Among those represented are such well-known brands such as Guess, Replay, Police, Alfex, One, among others. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: April 2010 :: see here article


"The Designarte™ was responsible for the branding and for the development of the site of the new business unit of Amorim group dedicated to the industry, the Sculpture. The products Corksorb, a cork-based, absorb oils and organic solvents without absorbing water. (...) "

(excerpt) In Media & Advertising :: April 2010 :: see here article

"Today, the markets are highly competitive, the products tend to be more equal and have the price matched and the consumer is informed, demanding, selective, and "controller" of the process, the Brand has an ever more crucial and decisive in the relationship with the client and the society. (...) Remember of Plato. He argues for a fundamental principle, that hits you right in the heart of any great brand – the concept of essence. The philosopher believed that any object had two aspects. One was the shape of the object itself; in the other, and more important, was the true idea, – the essential principle that lies at the heart of each product and that exists apart from its specific format. In a way, Plato was the first to articulate the importance of the essence of each Brand. "

(excerpt) In-Marketeer :: September 2008


"The Designarte™, as the agency recognized by the APCER to be sure sites, has sought to develop an educational work with companies and institutions in the sense of giving the sites a set of good practices that facilitate the navigability and usability of the same, facilitating the interactions and transactions customer/vendor. "

(excerpt) In TEC Frog :: September 2008 :: see here article


"Innovation and seriousness mark the communication strategy that the Designarte™ designed for the Box of Agriculture of Porto Metropolitan Area and who has spent for the creation of a platform of TV indoor placed in shop windows, in operation 24 hours per day.(...) Challenged to communicate seven different products of that bank, the Designarte™ has created a "box effect" magic, in a parallelism with the name of the institution, which makes the transition between the different messages of the products. "

In Briefing :: July 2007


"The Company helps clients innovate in the ways to communicate effectively; FNAC, Chip7, Salsa, and AKI among those who have already resorted to their services. Knowing how to communicate is an essential tool for businesses. The attention of potential clients, being present on the Web and have an effective message, for example, can make the difference. In this area seven years ago that the Designarte™ (...) designs, creates and implements integrated solutions of communication to the business market. (...) The Designarte™ acts in two areas: “(...) design (from planning to execution of Marketing strategy) with the development of Web applications”. (...) Paulo Taveira makes a positive assessment of your business. “ Companies are beginning to view this area as a good investment, and have gained a relevant position in the market. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Newspaper News :: May 2007


"The Self-Svenska delivered to the Designarte™ the creation of the latest project advertising for the Volvo brand. (...) The work was awarded following a competition developed by the Self group-the Swedish, the representative of the brand in our Country, next to the three agencies. According to the responsible of marketing of the Self-the Swedish, the fact that the Designarte™ have “reached in an effective way the objectives pre-defined for the campaign” was a decisive factor for the selection of the draft communication submitted by this agency. The campaign created by the Designarte™ agency, that, even, had already worked for this car brand in specific projects earlier, extends up to November and focuses primarily on the press. (...) "

(excerpt) In the Briefing :: August 2006


"The Designarte™ opened its branch in the greater Lisbon area (Linda-a-Velha). The agency, established in the Port for five years, and being devoted to SMES, intends to extend its action to new markets, investing in a close relationship with customers in the south zone of the country. (...) "

(excerpt) In Media & Advertising :: April 2005


"The quality of the website of the company Designarte™ has been recognized internationally by the International Association of Web Masters & Designers and the Astral Award for receiving, respectively, the awards 2003-4 Golden Web Award and the Award of the Bronze. (...) "

(excerpt) In "Expresso" Newspaper :: February 2004


"(...) But, the couple of this bet, the entrepreneur does not neglect a continuous investment in the brand Designarte™, providing a strong investment in training of employees of the company. The entry of new partners to the business is given as the right, mainly at the level of agreements with portals and search engines as a way of expanding the distribution channels for the business of the Designarte™. In the sights of this entrepreneur from the Port is also the diversification of the business, but always within the same branch of activity (...) "

(excerpt) In "Expresso" Newspaper :: September 2002


"(...) The main activity of the Designarte™ is based on three pillars: communication, production and web. "We have developed from strategic plans, communication advertising campaigns and media relations," she said. At the level of production, the Designarte™ has created a company dedicated to the area of the graphic print and pre-print. (...) "

(excerpt) In Euronotícias :: July 2002


"The Designarte™ has created a new e-commerce platform and span-off a unit of graphic print, dedicated to the SMES. The new services have arisen from the growing demand of its customers and, according to those responsible for the company, aimed at the optimization of the quality of services and reduction of costs in the final product. Up to now, the restructuring of the company has allowed a reduction of 20% in the products tabulated, it is estimated that the penetration rate among clients for the graphic area to increase by 50% during this year. (...) "

(excerpt) In Page :: May 2002


"(...) The new business unit aims to maximize the quality of services provided. The optimization of the activity graphic is also an improvement in delivery times and the reduction of the costs inherent in the final product. (...) "
"(...) The head of the company said that "the restructuring of the business has already allowed a 20% reduction on all prices of your table and its penetration to the customers. Only for the graphic area, it is estimated a growth of 50% across the country, in 2002," he adds. (...) "
"(...) The Designarte™ is, this year, named for two of the categories of the Award Young Entrepreneur, promoted by ANJE. (...) "

(excerpt) In Economic Life :: April 2002


"The Designarte™ is expected to double the turnover to 750 thousand euros, in 2002, thanks to a new e-commerce platform and to the empowerment of the new business unit of graphic print. "

(excerpt) In the Newspaper News :: April 2002


"(...) The new printing company was born from the strong demand for their services since the Designarte™ launched in 2000, tables, prices and online ordering printing. (...) "

(excerpt) In Semanário Económico :: April 2002


"(...) The new e-commerce platform and the empowerment of the new business unit printing should allow the Designarte™ double billing for 750 thousand euros in 2002. (...) "

(excerpt) In Euronotícias :: March 2002


"(...) In a fraction of a second, the visitor is transported to the home page, from which you have access to all the information available in the site: data on the company, services provided, major clients, team, and even a comic book that is worth a visit. (...) "

(excerpt) In SMES Business :: November 2001


"(...) Someone knows what are the Golden Web Awards? Are the prizes awarded to sites and to other work cybernautas. In the list of the winners are, for example, sites such as the U2 or the official website of Coca-cola (...)
Well, this year, a page the Portuguese won a prize, in this case in the junior category. It is only the second page of the Portuguese to be able to get this done, the first was the page of the Designarte™ (...) "

(excerpt) Pedro Ribeiro from Commercial Radio, the year the Commercial Internet :: 22 November 2001


"(...) the website aims the effectiveness of communication with the companies. Has tables for prices and order print online graphic, allowing any printing is requested at a click away. The Designarte™ it also deals with advisory services and strategy of communication, ranging from Web design to Web marketing, as well as maintenance and solutions of e-commerce. (...) "

(excerpt) In Examination Digital :: May 2001


"(...) are to arise, little by little, some companies with innovative ideas and with the desire to stay ahead of their competitors, taking advantage of all the capabilities the Internet has to offer. Be the best at what you do is the aim of Paul Taveira, director general of the Designarte™ (...) "
"(...) Recently the site of the Designarte™ has been recognized by the International Association of Web Masters & Designers with the prize 2000/2001 Golden Web Award. The Designarte™ continues to be the first Portuguese company to provide price lists and online ordering, printing, assuming that Paul Taveira characterized as a "posture of breakthrough". More than an advertising agency, is an agency of global communication and, as stated by Paulo Taveira "the marketing partner of Smes". (...) "
"(...) Personalize the relationship with customers, and create ties with those who visit your homepage is a concern. (...) "

(excerpt) In Publish :: March 2001


"(...) The site of the Designarte™ aims to be effective in communicating with current and potential customers, simplifying their work and saving them time. (...) "

(excerpt) In Economic Life :: March 2001


"(...) This is a reward "comes to recognize the effort displayed by the company in this domain," says Paul Taveira, responsible for the Designarte™ (...) "

(excerpt) In Semanário Económico :: February 2001


"The likeness of James Bond, Nando is the hero of the company Designarte™, the first Portuguese company to launch tables, prices and online ordering of graphic print (...)"

(excerpt) In Semanário Económico :: January 2001


"(...) The activity of the Designarte™ is based from the outset on a policy of great guidance to the client and in the provision of a complete service suited to the needs and the financial capacity of their clients. (...) "

(excerpt) In Economic Life :: January 2001


"(...) The Designarte™ is thus intended to respond to the needs of SMES, taking into account the time constraints of the entrepreneurs and "budgets are time-consuming and misfits in the area of communication". (...) "

(excerpt) In SME&TI :: January 2001


"(...) The financial cost of an advertising campaign, image is still a taboo for many businesses. The Designarte™ proposes to act with transparency in this matter. (...) "
"(...) The majority of companies do not know "how much" to communicate its image. The Designarte™ proposes to do away with the mystery that exists around the price of a communication action". (...) "
"(...) According to Paulo Taveira, in any action of communication is important to creating an image that identifies the company, your personality and your goals. (...) "

(excerpt) In Economic Life :: June 2000


"(...) this way of working "allows you to give answers that are much faster and show a significant decrease of the costs" (...) "

(excerpt) In Media & Advertising :: June 2000





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