Design and creation of Packaging (packaging)
The creation of packaging (packaging) is an area of graphic design for which the DesignarteTM is highly dedicated. The graphic design of packaging requires experience and specific skills in the area. See our portfolio of packaging!

The graphic design of packaging (packaging) is part of the world of graphic design and has its own characteristics that must be taken into account when developing a work of graphic design with this specificity. A bad packing (packaging) that do not demand the consumer to the advantages of the product and does not “pass” an image of credibility and confidence in the product, can affect brutally the sales and you can even get to the point of “killing” the product, even though the same be of good quality. The design of the packaging (packaging) should convey credibility, consistency and most of all, you should “mirror” the quality of the product and simultaneously the trust in the company/brand.

A good packaging design (packaging) is a “commercial asset” that helps to achieve business, regardless of the quality of the product. All of us ever has to buy a certain product that seemed to us to be of good quality and when the “consume” we found that the quality was below our expectations. In these situations, it is the case to say that the quality perceived by the consumer (and reflected by the packaging) was higher than the actual quality of the product. On the other hand, a good packing (packaging) actually helps to keep and “record” the brand in the memory of the consumer.

Packaging (packaging) effective it must have an attractive image, a message, attractive, as well as should identify and highlight the most important attributes of the product. The graphic design of packaging (packaging) is an area that is not any graphic designer who is prepared to do. You must have experience on constraints and how to draw, design and project packaging (packaging).

In summary, our agency's graphic design is highly oriented to project all types of packaging (packaging). The design of packaging and the packaging is an integral part of the universe of graphic design and should not be overlooked in the communication strategy of the company.

See our portfolio of graphic design, where you can find numerous examples of packaging.

The process of creating a packing / packaging

1 – Identification and reflection of the type of product that we are promoting, positioning this in relation to competing products (mainly price positioning), as well as analysis and reflection about the reality of the total portfolio of the company's products.

2 - Collection of texts, images, included in the package / packaging.

3 – Development of pre-models to determine the image that should one choose to that the product placement is consistent with the goals defined. The client at this stage also evaluates if the graphic design of the packaging / packaging is consistent with what is desired.

5 – final Development of the graphic design of the packaging / packaging after reflection of the pre-comps and fixes all of the texts and the compulsory elements of the same.

6 - After a review and validation of all the contents and elements of legal part of the client, we move to the development phase of the artwork of packing / packaging.

7 - Follow-up of the printing process up to delivery.


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