Design and creation of Brochures
The DesignarteTM is a design agency highly specialized in the creation of brochures and flyers, whether adopting a more institutional or “advertising” and creative, wants to promote products or services.

The graphic design of brochures and flyers is an activity of graphic design seemingly less important than brochures and catalogs, but should always be prepared by professionals in the area. In fact, in our opinion, this piece must have required very effective communication, as we explain below.

The trend is still for many customers, when they wish to carry out a campaign of leaflets / flyers, is to “save” in the design, thinking that it is a “simple thing” that can be made by “the son of a friend who has a knack for computers”.

Now the question we ask is very simple: what are the objectives of the campaign and how this will be implemented/disseminated? The answer is often, for example: we Want to reach more customers, increase sales, and to do that we make a distribution in the mailboxes (and/or deliveries to the drivers in areas of traffic congestion), and so we will print 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 leaflets / flyers (for example).

The natural outcome of this campaign is very simple, too: total failure!

The studies prove. If you want to do a campaign to distribute in mailboxes or deliver it to the drivers, in your brochure, you have 2 seconds to not go to waste, you know? It is true, the first aim of the brochure is to not go to the trash and staying in the “mind” of the motorist or on the dining room table because there was some benefit that the customer has read in those 2 seconds that he found interesting. Passed this barrier, we hope that the past 1 day, 2 or 3 days, or 1 week, when the person go back to pick up the brochure, consider the “evaluate” and “analyze” the possible purchase.

A poor communication of the brochure / flyer will convey a little image professional, very reliable, when the main purpose of the brochure / flyer is to incite action. For this they must have a discount coupon, an offer well identified, that is, something that makes the (potential) client to save and equate to take advantage of the offer (and thus does not go to waste along with 30 booklets that came out of the mail box).
In summary: the brochure / flyer was not for the garbage along with so many others? So it is a good principle!...

“Save design” is, in this case, a total “shot in the foot”. The client spent more on the printing of 10,000 flyers which cost only 300 euro of that in the design in which “the son of a friend who has a knack for computers” charged only 100 eur. In summary, lay down 400 euros to the trash!

An effective brochure / flyer, well thought out, with a clear message, the lens, with a “call to action” through an offer/discount for a limited time is the only way the campaign have a percentage of success, although always small in the immediate (note that the campaign also expected to have an effect in recall and brand awareness and hence sales in the future). The graphic design and good communication leaflets / flyers is an activity that not all graphic designers dominate. Our agency's graphic design is highly dedicated to develop campaigns of this type.

See our portfolio of graphic design, where you can find many examples of brochures and flyers.

The process of creating a brochure / flyer

1 - Analysis and reflection of the company's goals with the campaign. Advising on content taking into account the objectives of the campaign.

2 - Collection of the contents of the “descriptive” (texts, images, graphics) to be included in the brochure / flyer.

3 - Creation of the structure of the information. Selects the information to put in, eliminating the redundant and create highlights/titles that help to segment information and make it easier to read (if one is necessary, the DesignarteTM provides the service of creating content and concepts of the campaign).

4 - Creation of a model home brochure / flyer so that the client can evaluate.

5 - Approved the graphic design, and after a review and validation of the texts on the part of the client, we move to the development phase of the artwork of leaflet / flyer.

6 - Follow-up of the printing process up to delivery.




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