Design and creation of Newsletters - print and digital
The creation, design and layout of newsletters is an activity of graphic design for which the DesignarteTM is highly qualified. The design of newsletters digital or printed requires know-how and specific skills, given the rules and constraints that exist.

The graphic design of newsletters is an area of graphic design we advise you to be always developed by professionals of the area. In the limit, it would be preferable not to have a newsletter to send by e-mail or deliver to your customers than to have a bad newsletter. A newsletter poorly made will pass a little picture professional when it is supposed to convey credibility and consistency of the brand and, if applicable, of the products that the company sells or the services that it provides.

A good newsletter helps you to boost your sales, as well as helping to convey indirectly the position of the company and its products or services. A newsletter is a support character “only” of great importance to help you win customers and keep the brand in the memory of these.

A newsletter should convey a clear message, objective, as well as introduce the relevant attributes of the company and the product/service. The graphic design of newsletters is an area of communication design that not all graphic designers are able to develop. It is necessary to have good skills and knowledge of how they should structure and design the information in a newsletter. Our agency's graphic design is highly specialized in developing all types of newsletters are newsletters digital or HTML newsletters printed.

The editorial design of a newsletter is inserted in the universe of graphic design and should not be “put aside” in the communication strategy of the company. On the other hand, the newsletters digital complement each other effectively to newsletters printed on the graphic, with the digital support a number of added features, and the potential for greater action on the part of the user.

See our portfolio of graphic design, where you can find numerous examples of newsletters.

The process of creating a newsletter

1 - Analysis and reflection on the objectives and schedule for the newsletter. Advice on the structuring of content for the newsletter, taking into account the reality of the company.

2 - Collection of content (text, images, graphics) to be included in the newsletter.

3 - Creation of the structure of the information. Selects the information to be contained, by eliminating that which does not matter and creating the highlights that will help structure the information and make it easier to read the newsletter (if it is necessary, the DesignarteTM provides the service of content creation, whether they are in text format, chart, illustration or photography).

4 - Creation of a first model of the newsletter with only a few pages so that the client can assess if the graphic design is in accordance with the desired.

5 - once approved the graphic design of the newsletter on the part of the client, the DesignarteTM paginates the rest.

6 - After a review, verification and validation of all the texts on the part of the client, we enter in the phase of elaboration of the art-the end of the newsletter or the preparation for programming and integration with the shipping system, if it is a digital newsletters.

7 - Follow-up of the printing process up to the delivery or the programming, if a digital newsletters HTML.


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