Design and production of Stands
The DesignarteTM is a design agency very familiar with the creation and design of stands, either adopting a more modular, both in solutions “to measure”.

The design of the stands is carried out by a graphic design that should always be drafted by professionals of the area. A poor communication and design of the stand will convey a little image professional, very reliable, when the main objective of the company to participate in a fair and invest as much “money” is to engage customers and then to the “incite to action”.

“Save design” is, in this case, a total “shot in the foot”. The client has spent “thousands of euros” to rent the space, travel, etc, so it makes no sense to save on design and communication strategy!
An attractive stand, well-thought-out, with a message clear, objective, with “calls to action and interaction of the customer” is the only way to succeed. Our agency's graphic design is highly dedicated to develop design of stands and strategies of communication for this type of actions.

See our portfolio of graphic design, where you can find some examples of design stands.

The process of creation and production of the design of the stands

1 - Analysis and reflection on the objectives of the company, with the participation in the fair. Advising on content taking into account the type of event.

2 - Collection of content (text, images, graphics) to appear on the stand.

3 - Creation of a model of the initial design of the stand so that the client can evaluate.

4 - Approved the graphic design, and after a review and validation of the texts on the part of the client, we move to the development phase of the artwork of the design of the stand.

5 - Monitoring of the production process of the stand.




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