Digital Marketing strategy on Social Networks!
If you are still not sure that is a good bet to use Social Networking to advertise your product and boost your Business, this article is for you.

According to studies from reputable companies in market research, Social Networks, or more specifically the social Networking, are today, if used properly, one of the most powerful tools that currently exist to streamline the Business world.

And it is not only in the areas of large consumption, but also in business areas considered more specific and technical.
There are Businesses however that this statement is even more relevant as it is the case of Tourism. In this area the recommendations and opinions are of the utmost importance. It is precisely for this reason that sites “reviews” of hotels, restaurants, beaches, theme parks and similar scouring the Web and have an importance so great in the decisions of the travellers. In addition, one of the favorite activities of people on holiday is precisely to take photos and make videos. These photos and videos can be instantly placed online (phone or laptop) on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other services of social Networking, without having to interrupt their vacation. In this way any situation – positive or negative – will be immediately known, and shared, by millions of people. This is the power of Social Networks.

Also here it is important to take into account the profile of Network users; recent studies reveal that there are clear differences to the age; if your business is geared for an age group between 15-25 you should be aware of Social Networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube; if your business in contrast has a target audience more mature, you should give priority to the websites of reviews and the like.
Thus, there is take account that the presence in Social Networks – and more specifically the choice of the Social Network - has to be carefully thought out. There is that make an analysis of the Social Networks available, learn to analyze and identify what is exactly our target audience, and focus our efforts specifically on these. And never focus all efforts just on this or that Social Network – the more well-known - because these may not be the most appropriate, or where is our target audience.

Today, in addition to direct advertising, there are many alternative ways to use Social Networks to boost your business:

- well! Regardless of your Business area look to be original, creative and different in their communication in order to wake up the desire in your services and products amongst the users. Also look for use of all the mechanisms which are at your disposal to attract the largest number of potential customers, such as videos, images, photos, discussion groups, online events, contests, etc.

- Pass the word: to take advantage of the momentum and willingness of information inherent of the users of Social Networks to that, passing the word among them, produce an effect viral in its communication.

- Acquisition of new customers: Use and abuse of specific tools for each Social Network to find, add and so on – according to the criteria most appropriate to your business – your product or service to the largest possible number of potential customers.

- Online reputation: Look for monitor and be aware of your online reputation so that, if necessary, to take corrective measures - and even preventive. It is essential to always get an image of credibility and trust. Otherwise you will no longer be followed and considered reliable and relevant.

- SEO: Social Networks, in particular the more well-known, have a very important weight with major search engines. So to spread it as well! – your presence on these Networks will automatically enhance and increase your ranking – your Brand and your Website – along these.

- Opinion makers: try to identify the “influencers” on Social Networks and ensure that these are on their side. Although it is a complex mechanism, and time-consuming, this is certainly one of the safer ways to increase and strengthen their reputation with potential customers.
This methodology has benefits, among which the most immediate is the low financial investment with regard to search of potential clients. However, this implies a large investment in terms of time.
Note, however, that nothing serves to have 15,000 members in your page of Facebook or Twitter if you do not have a way to direct them to your site, to the knowledge of your products/services and to the final goal which is the sale.

How to measure your results (ROI)?

One of the major difficulties – if not the largest! – in the use of Social Networks as a communication tool and the sale is precisely the difficulty in determining the results of your investment (ROI).

There is already, however, some tools and mechanisms for analysis, which, though without pretensions to great accuracy, may help the managers of companies to measure the results of your bets on Social Networks, in particular, and in Digital Marketing in general:

· Google Analytics – it Is essentially a software “tracking”, since it allows to analyze the traffic source, keywords and other; it is thus possible to know, for example, the percentage of traffic on our website has its origins in the Social Networks.

· BlogComments – Analysis of comments of your Blog.

· TwitterSearch – Lets you know if your company is referred to in tweets and Twitter searches.

· Google Alerts – Allows you to receive alerts via email whenever certain words/keywords, chosen by us, are referred to in the media monitored by Google News.

· Tweetbeep – Tool similar to Google Alerts but for Twitter.

· HowSociable – Allows you to measure the visibility of the Brand on the Web.

· Alexa – Monitors-range ranking, and “page views” estimated.

· Google Insights – Engine statistics generic that allows you to compare the amount of searches based on keywords, countries, categories, and time.

It is thus possible, without the rigor of more traditional forms of advertising, to measure and monitor your campaigns in Social Media to take action and informed decisions; however this should be, such as its presence, a process constant and continuous.

See our portfolio of web design, where you can find many examples of digital marketing strategies.


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