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"We are a design agency specialized in the conception and creation of Design of Brochures, to promote your company, services or products!"

The graphic design of the brochures is carried out by a graphic design that is in the realm of editorial design, and that should always be done by professionals. It is preferable not to have a brochure to present to clients that have a bad brochure presentation of your company. A bad brochure for your company will convey a little image professional, very reliable, when the main purpose of the design of a brochure is to convey credibility, consistency, solidity and competence of the company and respectively of the products it sells or the services it provides.

A good corporate brochure or product help the commercial area to generate awareness and sales, as well as should help to “pass” effectively positioning the company and its products or services. A brochure of the presentation is a commercial material of the utmost importance to help keep the brand in the memory of the consumer.

An effective brochure of presentation should pass a clear message, objective, as well as to present all the relevant attributes of the company and the product/service. The graphic design of the brochures is an activity that not all graphic designers can be able to do. It is necessary to have the experience and knowledge of how they should draw, to design and to project a piece of this type. The grid and the layout should be defined at an early stage so that the paging is coherent and consistent. Our agency's graphic design is highly dedicated to develop all kind of brochures are brochures, institutional and commercial, are brochures promotional.
The editorial design of a brochure is an integral part of the universe of graphic design and should not be forgotten in the communication plan of the company. On the other hand, the brochures digital are an excellent complement to the print, having in this way a series of interactive features plus.

See our portfolio of graphic design, where you can find numerous examples of brochures.

The process of creating a brochure

1 – Analysis and reflection of how the company is interacting with the clients, the context in which the brochure will be delivered and what the objectives of the same. Advising on content for the brochure, taking into account the reality of the business.

2 - gather all the contents (texts, images, graphics) to be included in the brochure.

3 – Creation of the information structure and division of content through the pages. Selects the information to put in, eliminating the redundant and create highlights/titles that help to segment the information and make the brochure with an easy-to-read (if one is necessary, the DesignarteTM provides the service of content creation, whether they are in text format, chart, illustration or photography).

4 – Creation of a model home brochure with few pages so that the client can assess if the graphic design is consistent with the desired.

5 – Approved the graphic design of the brochure for the part of the client, the DesignarteTM page throughout the rest of the brochure.

6 - After a review and validation of all the texts on the part of the client, we move to the development phase of the artwork of the booklet.

7 - Follow-up of the printing process up to delivery.




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