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The interior decoration, namely the decoration of offices and decoration of shops, it is the main service for which the Designarte/SM-ART Architecture is highly dedicated to provide. Contact us and get to know our portfolio of interior decoration.

Here are examples of projects of interior decoration:
Interior decoration for a Driving School in France
Interior decoration for The Bolacheira
Interior decoration for Crack Buchinhas
Interior decoration for Tutto per Tutti
Interior decoration for o'porto Seven

To make projects of interior decoration effective and well framed with the positioning of the brand/company is always our focus and our challenge.

The SM-ART Architecture serves as the department of Designarte and highly specialized with 11 years of experience in the development of projects of interior decoration.

Whether for decoration or office decoration shops, a good project design should begin with an analysis and reflection to the type of business concerned, your competition, your position in relation to this and which is the strategy that the company/brand you want to carry out medium/long term with the project of interior decoration.

At the same time, our team of architects, Porto analyzes, interprets, and reflects together with the client about the company's image and corporate identity (graphic design in general and logo design), and how this should be reflected in the décor of the office or shop decoration.

Our concern is that the branding of the company is fully coherent and consistent at all points of contact with the consumer or potential client, that is, we must fit in a logical and coherent interior decoration with the corporate image of the company.

Following the analysis of all these aspects, our team of architects to draw up proposals for the interior decoration following the conclusions drawn and the guidelines of the client.

At the beginning of the development of the proposals should be soon defined the places where going to be the logo of your company (for example, embossed PVC) and where will be the other type of messages and relevant information to customers. In the development of project of interior decoration, we always have the concern in suggesting materials and furniture with a good quality/price ratio. We work the project as if it were our own, always with the focus on cost containment.

Another aspect of utmost importance is the effective resolution of the ergonomics and layout of the space. Think about how customers (or employees) moving in the shop or office is very important because this has a direct influence on sales (in the case of the decoration of shops) or in the productivity of the employees (in the case of the decoration of offices).
We are committed, disciplined and determined in developing projects of interior decoration that actually manage to return to the company/brand.



  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior



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