Decoration of offices and store decoration


The SM-ART Architecture is a business unit of the Group Designarte specializing in the development of interior design projects for offices and decoration of shops.

Here are examples of decoration projects for offices and store decoration:
Decoration of offices to Driving School France
Store decoration for The Bolacheira
Decoration of shops to Crack Buchinhas
Decoration of shops to Tutto per Tutti
Decoration of offices to Oporto Seven
The decoration of offices and decoration shops are the main services that our company associated to the SM-ART Architecture provides.

Since 2006, our team of architects from the Port develops all kind of projects of interior decoration and architecture projects with particular focus on the decoration of offices and decoration of shops.

As examples of our portfolio of store decoration, we highlight the projects of architecture developed for the chains of the “restoration " Pateo”, “Surbias”, “Bolacheira”, “three of a Kind Buchinhas”, “Tutto per Tutti”, among others.

We also develop projects of interior decoration for the “Driving School in France”, the “Smokay”, to several shops of “Maxmat”.

In the context of the decoration of offices, we have the office of the central services of the “Maxmat”, the accounting office “Safepartner”, real estate, “MBAM”, among others.

Our team of architects have also developed many projects of interior decoration for private houses, accommodation and local guest houses.

We are of those ateliers of architecture of Porto with the cross-cutting skills and lots of experience in the development of all types of architectural projects and interior decorating.

We are an architecture office in Porto with a team of architects determined, pragmatic and passionate about the area and the design of solutions architecture that will meet the needs of clients and their respective businesses.

A project of architecture and of interior decoration, to be effective, must reflect a coherent and consistent way the positioning of the company and the brand. Must comply with the communication strategy of the company, your branding, your corporate identity so as to attract and retain customers with a view to enhance the business and sales.


  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior
  • Decoration and store design interior



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